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HT/ LT Spun Hollow Poles/ Over Head Works

RKC offers HT/LT Spun Hollow Poles Over Head works in the power transmission and distribution space.

HVDS & EHV Transmission line Works

RKC offers installation and commissioning services of HVDS (High Voltage Distribution System) for its various customers. This involves the distribution of power over HT / LT lines which can be designed and erected as per the customer’s requirements. Typically, installation & commissioning of 11 KV, 132KV, and 500KV lines come under this section.

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HT/ LT Over Head Works

RKC offers HT/LT Over Head works in the power transmission and distribution space.

Pole Erection Works

RKC undertakes pole erection project works under Rural Electrification as well as urban street lighting schemes.


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Tower Works

As part of power transmission and distribution turnkey projects, RKC offers services for installing and maintaining towers.

Transportation of Electricity Distribution Poles

RKC offers transportation services of poles to any destination according to customer needs.


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We deal in wholesale business of solid concrete bricks and blocks of highest quality. All types are sold on wholesale basis by using high grade delivery services and packages that ensures their customer’s satisfaction and product quality. We offer these in different designs suiting best with the demand of our clients. Our marketing and management team ensure the satisfaction of our reputable clients by offering them competitive and negotiable prices.