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Our Factory Produces Reliable, Efficient, Safe & Sustainable Products.

Here at RK Constructors, we offer extensive working knowledge of the concrete, electrical and manufacturing industry. We have a highly committed and sanguine team of professionals to support the efforts of our sales force and to meet the needs of our customers. Customer service and satisfaction are not just words; they are the benchmarks we have established to measure our efforts.
Our core competence lies in the state-of-the-art manufacturing divisions which more than matches international standards. We endeavor to reconcile the organizational goals and the industrial needs by offering products that are unique and innovative. We are capable of manufacturing large volumes of product to satisfy the clients’ demands and specifications.

Delivering Work Safely

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Recognized Contractors

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Hydro Energy

Our first hydroelectric power plant, built more than 50 years ago, was a watershed moment in the spread of renewable




Engineering Since 2015

We deliver our products to companies working under PEPCO as well as to the private sector. Following is the list of companies we offer our products to:


Core Objectives of RK constructors

In the wake of such a rapidly advancing world of technology, we at RK Constructors realize that along with providing customers with a consistent quality of service, we also need to develop a growth-oriented way of thought. By keeping abreast of all kinds of advancements in our industry, we will ensure that we always have something unique and innovative to offer to our customers. Following is a list of objectives that shall help us to achieve this:

  • To operate all companies of our group in an ethical, legal and socially conscious manner which is sensitive to the natural and human environment
  • To attain a continuous fair level of profit, recognizing that our Group can only serve society if it is financially strong
  • To attain steady growth in profits, sales volume and high productive investment at rates exceeding those of the national economy as a whole
  • To maintain a dynamic business structure, with the ability and will to shift from areas which have lost their profitability into new business fields where the potential for growth is high
  • To become a market driven company producing high quality, well engineered and precision designed product
  • To be recognized as a service oriented company, responsive at all times to the needs of our customers
  • To develop a safe work environment in which, without any kind of discrimination, all employees are enabled, encouraged and stimulated to perform at their highest potential of output and creativity, thus attaining the greatest possible level of job satisfaction


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